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Rethink your current workflow and upgrade to a much faster and easier way when it comes to picking fonts. Save time and start customizing your font library today!

Pick your fonts faster

Every project kicks of with the question of which fonts to use. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pick them faster and much easier? FontPik will help you find the most suitable font for your project as it is the first and only customizable font selection, directly build into your Illustrator.

Manage your fonts smarter

We think the best font selection tool must be customizable. Imagine fonts as songs – you would want to put them in playlists, right? Therefor we created a „Manage“ mode directly into the plugin, which you can switch to at anytime you’re feeling like it. So go on, create a new folder, drag and drop fonts in it and you’re done. It’s really that easy!

Explore new fonts

We didn’t stop here and integrated a little bonus feature for everyone who want to extend their library. Our very own font database, FontPik is always accessible from the plugin. It gives you the chance to explore our free handpicked premium fonts from top typographers we’re working together to revolutionize your font-picking-experience.

Tidy up and use your fonts like never before.

Get a closer look…

Fontpik is the result of many thoughts and ideas with the simple goal to save your time. What you’re getting is an important tool for almost every project you’re currently working on or will be.

History & Favorites

 a smart algorithm will let you fast select the fonts you used recently and most.

Smart Live Search

just double click and you can live search through all your fonts

Style Switcher

you like it bold? or italic? We have buttons for that!

Create Folders

finally! Create own folders and name them!

Manage your Folders

customize your library by drag and drop fonts into your folders

Edit your Folders

from renaming, deleting or changing the order – customize your FontPik experience.

A quick update: Why FontPik is FREE now.

This is not made by any big company,
it’s 100% indy. We are out of funding and need your help.

Hi, I’m Philip. I created FontPik out of a vision, a vision to give designers the ability to customize their workflow, to finally get a better font selection tool. I invested more money than a student can bare to invest and it still wasn’t enough to finish the product. There are still some bugs which we couldn’t squish and new problems are following every day. We are completely out of money and let’s be honest here – we won’t be able to update the product any time soon.
So I had to make an decision: From now on I’m making FontPik FREE for everyone.
It’s not over, quite yet. FontPiks future can still be saved. I’m calling out to anyone who likes the concept as much as we do, and can help. Either by a small donation, or maybe someone who can bring some coding experience along. Any help is very much appreciated.
Thank you!

The future

FontPik is dying. But with your help we can save the idea and add new features,
fix some bugs or make it available for other platforms.
Contact us today if you can help and want to be a part of this product.


Hide fonts

Indesign +

Night mode


Explore mode

Frequently Asked Questions

The plugin is an alternative to the already existing font selection in Illustrator („aka the endless fontlist“).
With the easy-installable plugin you can create own folders of fonts directly in Illustrator and access them easily. It’s really cool.

No, not at all. We made it super easy. If you never installed a plugin before, it’s just like opening a file – and that’s it. Illustrator will do the rest for you and after a quick restart it will be easily accessible at any time.

But don’t worry, we also include a twelve page manual which explains everything from installation to every feature explained and how we recommend to use it to get the best experience.


Unfortunately this plugin only supports the CC Versions of Illustrator :/ We’re very sorry about that!

Unfortunately not, yet. But we’re working hard on changing that.
Be sure to come back later and subscribe to our newsletter.

Because we’re currently working with our very own licensing generator (hopefully we will be able to change that in the future) you will have to download the plugin again over our site and use the new created license code. But it will be still for free. Sorry for the hassle!

That’s no problem! You can always send us an email to and we will reply as soon as we can. You can also use our simple contact form.

How to install FontPik

Improve your design workflow today.

Download the plugin for FREE and you’ll get a license for one mac, free support and lifetime updates.

Required for using FontPik:

  • Adobe Illustrator CC 15.3 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.3 or higher
Unfortunately FontPik supports only Mac at the Moment, but we’re already working on it to change that.
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